Ultimate Perth to Exmouth Road Trip Guide and Tips

The journey of a lifetime begins with a road trip from Perth to Exmouth – let me be your guide and let’s make memories that will last a lifetime.


As a travel blogger who has covered various destinations across the world, I can safely say that my recent road trip from Perth to Exmouth in Western Australia was an experience like no other. The scenic coastal drive, the diverse wildlife, and the breathtaking landscapes made it an unforgettable journey. In this article, I aim to provide my readers with a comprehensive guide to this ultimate road trip and share my firsthand tips and recommendations to help them plan their own memorable journey. Whether you’re a solo traveler, a group of friends, or a family, this road trip has something for everyone. So, get ready to embark on a fantastic adventure with me!

Hey there, fellow travel enthusiasts! I’m thrilled to share with you my recent road trip experience from Perth to Exmouth in Western Australia. This comprehensive guide will provide you with all the tips and recommendations you need to plan the ultimate adventure.

Planning the trip: When it comes to transportation, I highly recommend renting a car to have the flexibility to explore at your own pace. The route we took included stops at Lancelin, Jurien Bay, Kalbarri, and Coral Bay before reaching Exmouth. I found it helpful to book accommodation in advance, especially during peak season. Pack essentials such as sunscreen, insect repellent, and comfortable walking shoes. Oh, and don’t forget your camera to capture all the stunning scenery along the way!

Attractions: Perth has a lot to offer, with highlights including the stunning Swan River, Kings Park, and the iconic Cottesloe Beach. After leaving Perth, our first stop was Lancelin, where we tried sandboarding on the massive dunes. It was an adrenaline-packed experience that I won’t forget! In Jurien Bay, we spent an afternoon snorkeling with sea lions, which was one of my favorite activities of the trip. Kalbarri National Park is a must-visit spot, with beautiful gorges and rock formations to explore. Coral Bay was the perfect place to relax and soak up some sun on the beach, and we even went on a snorkeling tour to see the stunning coral reef. Finally, Exmouth is the gateway to Ningaloo Reef, where we went on a whale shark tour and swam with these gentle giants of the ocean.

Overall, this road trip was an unforgettable adventure, and I hope this guide inspires you to plan your own epic journey through Western Australia. Happy travels!


As I began my road trip from Perth to Exmouth, I was eager to explore the top tourist attractions along the way. Starting in Perth, I made sure to visit the iconic Swan River, which offers a stunning view of the city skyline. I also took a stroll through the serene Kings Park, which is one of the world’s largest inner-city parks.

As I continued northward, I made sure to stop at the fascinating Pinnacles Desert, where I saw the amazing limestone formations, formed over 30,000 years ago. Another highlight was the Ningaloo Reef, where I went on a snorkeling tour and swam with amazing marine life such as manta rays, sea turtles, and colorful fish.

Further up the coast, I visited the charming town of Coral Bay, where I took a glass-bottom boat ride and saw the breathtaking coral reef system. And of course, no trip to Exmouth is complete without visiting the famous Cape Range National Park, with its stunning gorges, beaches, and wildlife.

Overall, the road trip from Perth to Exmouth was filled with amazing attractions and breathtaking sights, making it a perfect adventure for any travel enthusiast.

My Experience: In this section, I want to share my personal experience on the road trip. From Perth, I drove north towards Lancelin, where I stopped at the sand dunes and tried sandboarding. It was so much fun, and I highly recommend it! From there, I continued on to Cervantes and visited the Pinnacles Desert. The rock formations were truly breathtaking, and I was in awe of how unique they were.

After spending a night in Cervantes, I continued my journey towards Coral Bay, stopping in Monkey Mia to see the dolphins. Seeing them up close was an unforgettable experience. Once I arrived in Coral Bay, I went snorkeling in Ningaloo Reef and saw so many different species of fish and even swam with a manta ray!

Next, I made my way to Exmouth and visited Cape Range National Park, where I went on a beautiful hike and saw some incredible views. I also went on a whale shark tour, and it was honestly one of the most amazing things I’ve ever done. Swimming alongside the world’s largest fish was an experience I’ll never forget.

Overall, this road trip was truly epic, and I can’t recommend it enough. There’s so much to see and do along the way, and I hope my tips and recommendations will help others plan their own unforgettable trip.