Unforgettable Day Plan for Patagonia

Escape to the wild and let Patagonia take your breath away, it’ll be the experience of a lifetime.


– Possible options: glacier trekking, boat tours, cultural tours, wine tasting, etc.
– Brief reviews and recommendations for each activity


– Best spots to watch the sunset in Patagonia
– Possible options: mountaintops, beaches, lakeshores, etc.
– Brief reviews and recommendations for each option


– Recommended places to try for dinner
– Possible options: seafood restaurants, steakhouses, regional cuisine, etc.
– Brief reviews and recommendations for each option


– Suggestions for nighttime activities and entertainment
– Possible options: bar hopping, live music, stargazing, etc.
– Brief reviews and recommendations for each activity


– Recap of the day itinerary and experiences
– Final thoughts and encouragement to visit Patagonia.

Morning Activities

I highly recommend starting your day with a hike in Patagonia. The landscapes are breathtaking and the fresh air is invigorating. There are many trails to choose from, depending on your skill level and desired length. One of my favorites is the Laguna de los Tres trail, which offers stunning views of the famous Fitz Roy mountain.

If hiking isn’t your thing, kayaking on one of the many lakes in Patagonia is also a great option. I had the opportunity to kayak on Lake Argentino and it was absolutely stunning. The crystal clear water and surrounding mountains made for a truly unforgettable experience.

For those who prefer a more traditional mode of transportation, horseback riding is a popular activity in Patagonia. I went on a horseback riding tour through the mountains and it was a great way to see the scenery from a different perspective. Plus, the horses were well trained and the guides were knowledgeable and friendly.

Lastly, wildlife watching is a must-do activity in Patagonia. The region is home to many unique and beautiful animals, such as guanacos, pumas, and Andean condors. I went on a guided tour and was lucky enough to see a family of guanacos up close. It was truly a magical experience.

Overall, there are so many amazing morning activities to choose from in Patagonia. No matter what you decide, I guarantee it will be a memorable experience.


After a morning of adventure, it’s time to refuel with a delicious lunch. One of my favorite spots to stop for a bite in Patagonia is a small family-run restaurant called La Marca. Tucked away in the heart of El Chaltén, this cozy spot offers a variety of tasty dishes using locally sourced ingredients.

On my last visit, I tried their famous empanadas filled with slow-cooked beef and caramelized onions. The dough was perfectly crispy, and the filling was bursting with flavor. I also ordered a refreshing glass of their homemade lemonade, which hit the spot on a hot summer day.

Another great option for lunch is to pack a picnic and head out into the wilderness. I recommend stopping by a local market to pick up some fresh bread, cheese, and fruit. Then, find a quiet spot with a view and enjoy a relaxing lunch surrounded by nature. One of my favorite picnic spots is at the base of Mount Fitz Roy, where you can sit and admire the stunning scenery while enjoying your meal.

Overall, there are plenty of options for a delicious lunch in Patagonia, whether you prefer a sit-down meal or a picnic in the great outdoors. Just be sure to fuel up for the afternoon ahead!

Afternoon Activities

– After a delicious lunch, I recommend treating yourself to a relaxing afternoon activity. One of my favorite experiences in Patagonia was taking a boat tour to see the glaciers up close. The boat ride was calm and serene, with stunning views of the surrounding mountains and waters. When we arrived at the glaciers, I was left speechless at their sheer size and beauty. It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
– Another great option for the afternoon is visiting a local winery for a tasting. Patagonia is home to some of the best wine in Argentina, and the wineries offer breathtaking views of the vineyards and surrounding landscapes. I was blown away by the quality of the wine and the passion of the winemakers. It was the perfect way to unwind after a morning of adventure.
– If you’re feeling more active, I recommend trying fly fishing in one of the many rivers in Patagonia. I had never tried fly fishing before, but the guides were patient and knowledgeable, and I ended up catching a beautiful rainbow trout. It was a thrilling and rewarding experience that I will never forget.
– Whatever activity you choose, make sure to take in the stunning scenery around you. Patagonia is truly one of the most beautiful places on earth, and every moment spent there is a gift.


For dinner, there are so many amazing options in Patagonia. One of my favorites was a small local restaurant that served the most delicious empanadas I’ve ever had. They were filled with savory meat and spices, and the pastry was perfectly flaky and buttery. The atmosphere was cozy and welcoming, and the staff was so friendly and accommodating.

Another great option for dinner is the farm-to-table experiences that are common in Patagonia. I had the opportunity to visit a local farm and enjoy a meal made entirely from ingredients grown and raised on the property. The flavors were so fresh and vibrant, and it was such a unique and authentic experience.

If you’re looking for something truly special, there are also some unique dining experiences to be had in Patagonia. I once had dinner on a boat that cruised around a stunning lake, while the sun set behind the Andes mountains. It was incredibly romantic and memorable, and the food was absolutely delicious.

Overall, no matter where you choose to have dinner in Patagonia, you’re sure to have a delicious and unforgettable meal. The abundance of fresh, local ingredients and unique culinary experiences make this destination a food lover’s dream.

Nighttime Activities

As the sun sets in Patagonia, the magic of this incredible destination only intensifies. There are so many ways to end the day, but for me, stargazing is an absolute must. I remember being completely mesmerized by the clear night sky and the way the stars seemed to go on forever. It was an awe-inspiring experience that I will never forget.

Another nighttime activity that I highly recommend is visiting a hot spring. After a long day of hiking and exploring, there’s nothing quite like soaking in warm water and letting your muscles relax. I had the pleasure of visiting Termas Geometricas, a stunning hot spring nestled in the mountains. The contrast between the cool mountain air and the warm water was incredibly soothing, and the natural surroundings only added to the ambiance.

For those interested in cultural experiences, attending a performance is a great option. I had the opportunity to see a traditional dance performance by the indigenous Mapuche people, and it was truly unforgettable. The music, costumes, and choreography were all so unique and captivating. It was a beautiful way to learn more about the local culture and traditions.

Overall, regardless of how you choose to spend your evenings in Patagonia, you are sure to be left with lasting memories of this incredible destination.