Travel Guide: Getting to Melbourne City Center from MEL Airport

Let the adventure begin! Follow my guide and discover the hidden gems of Melbourne city center with ease.


As a frequent traveler to Melbourne, I have become quite familiar with the different ways to get to the city center from the MEL airport. And let me tell you, Melbourne is a city that you’ll want to explore to the fullest! With so many amazing cultural landmarks, dining and shopping options, and popular tourist attractions, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out the best way to get to the city center. In this article, I’m going to share with you my personal experiences with public transportation options, shuttle services, and private car services, as well as recommended activities and tours to experience in Melbourne city center. Let’s get started!

Public transportation options – Trains, buses, and trams available from MEL airport to the city center

As someone who frequently travels to Melbourne, I have become quite acquainted with the public transportation options available from MEL airport to the city center. One of the most convenient options is the SkyBus, a dedicated airport shuttle bus that runs 24/7 and takes you right to Southern Cross Station, located in the heart of the city. The fare is relatively affordable and the buses are equipped with Wi-Fi and comfortable seating.

Another option is taking the public train from the airport to the city center. The train station is located right outside of the airport terminal and offers several lines that take you directly into the city center. The fare is also relatively affordable and the trains run frequently throughout the day.

Lastly, trams and buses are also available from the airport to the city center. While this option may take a bit longer, it is still a convenient way to get to your destination. The fare is also affordable and offers the added benefit of being able to see more of Melbourne while en route.

Overall, public transportation is a great way to get to Melbourne city center from MEL airport and offers several affordable and convenient options to choose from.

Shuttle services – As a frequent traveler to Melbourne, I have had the opportunity to try out different shuttle services to get from the MEL airport to the city center. One of the most popular shuttle services is the SkyBus, which offers timed departures every 10-20 minutes and drop off locations at various points in the city center. The SkyBus is convenient and affordable, with ticket prices starting at $19 one-way. Another shuttle service that I have used is the Starbus, which offers a door-to-door service to most hotels and destinations in Melbourne city center. While the Starbus is slightly more expensive than the SkyBus, it offers a more personalized service with a dedicated driver and the convenience of being dropped off directly at your hotel. Another option to consider is the Airport Shuttle, which offers shared rides to various destinations in the city, including the city center. The Airport Shuttle is a more budget-friendly option, with prices starting at $14 one-way. Overall, shuttle services are a reliable and convenient way to get to Melbourne city center from the airport, and each service offers its own unique benefits depending on your needs and preferences.

Private car services – Comparison of different private car services available including pricing and convenience

As a frequent traveler to Melbourne, I have tried and tested various private car services to get from the MEL airport to the city center. There are a few options available, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

The first option is taking a taxi, which is readily available outside the airport terminal. Taxis charge a set fare based on a meter, which can vary depending on traffic and time of day. While taxis are convenient and readily available, they can be quite expensive compared to other private car services.

The second option is ride-hailing services, such as Uber or Lyft. These services also charge a fare based on distance and time, but can often be cheaper than taxis. However, availability of ride-hailing services may be limited depending on the time of day or demand.

The third option is booking a private car service in advance, such as Blacklane or Jayride. These services offer fixed pricing and the convenience of having a driver waiting for you at the airport. However, they may be more expensive than taxis or ride-hailing services.

Overall, the best private car service for you will depend on your budget and travel needs. If you’re looking for convenience and don’t mind paying a little extra, a pre-booked private car service may be the best option. Otherwise, taxis or ride-hailing services may be more cost-effective.